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Why do business with The Good Oman Insurance Agency?

I’ve had the unique experience to work both as both a captive agent and as an independent, non-captive agent.  Captive agencies are those that only sell one product, such as State Farm, Farmer’s, and Allstate to name a few.  You can’t purchase say a Progressive product from a State Farm agent, but only State Farm products.  On the other hand, Independent agencies work with many different carriers and are not beholden to one particular carrier.  After understanding the industry from both sides, I find the sincere advantage to the customer goes to the agent that is independent and non-captive.

The example I love to use is if you ask a Mercedes Benz dealer what they think about BMW’s, do you really think you’ll ever get a straight answer?  Not a chance!  They will tell you how great their product is and completely superior to all the rest, leaving out that other manufacturers have features with their vehicles that are possibly superior and quite likely, more competitively priced.  This industry is exactly the same.

Our agency is 100% independent and understanding the differences between the different insurance companies and the products they offer gives the independent agents a definite advantage to take care of you.  It’s not always only about price, although, we completely get it, price is generally always a factor.  Making sure my insureds are covered correctly is my goal while at the same time evaluating the costs associated.  Because a captive agent only has one product to sell, they will always try their hardest to make your unique risks fit into the products they sell, sometimes knowing full well information about the coverage may not benefit you, the insured, the best.

At Good Oman Insurance, we just can’t express enough how important it is that you work with an agency that has in-depth knowledge of multiple carriers, the products they offer, and the underwriting guidelines associated, while forever paying attention to your unique risks while at the same time understanding who’s competitive and who’s not to always be fiduciarily responsible with your buying dollars.


Independent Agents Versus The Rest

Below is a fantastic comparison of the differences between an independent agency like Good Oman Insurance and various other agencies out there:

insurance agency pasco wa


We’d love to visit with you and have the opportunity to provide you with a complimentary quote and review of your needs.  I personally really hate being sold something, so your experience here will be more of one where we love to teach you about insurance, explain the products we sell, and help guide you to make the best possible choices for your individual needs.  If we think you are better off staying where you’re at, we’ll be the first to tell you!

We invite you to complete the few questions below to get the process started.  We will promptly be in touch to help guide you through the process.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you, educate you, and ultimately service your insurance needs.  Feel free to call us if you’d like to simply ask more questions or get this process started more immediately.



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